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List Description
All_fourth_year 4A and 4B students in Engineering (All)
APC Academic Policy Committee
Arch_adjunct [no description available]
Arch_adjunct_fall [no description available]
Arch_adjunct_spring [no description available]
Arch_adjunct_winter [no description available]
Arch_fourth_year 4A and 4B students in Engineering (Arch ONLY)
Arch_instructors [no description available]
Arch_students [no description available]
Asicallsparc AsicAllsparc
Asicdirac AsicDirac
Asicmacgyver [no description available]
Asicplanning AsicPlanning
Asicspeakers ASIC Team speakers / presenters list
Asicteam UW ASIC General Annoucements
Asicwhdl ASIC Team - Waterloo Hardware Description Language (WHDL)
CAD Chairs and Associate Deans
Comp_chairs_total Complete LIAR's list, all mailable
Course_eval_tech [no description available]
CUBElist Club for Graduate and Undergraduate BioEngineers
DSAC Dean's Staff Advisory Committee
Ec_outages [no description available]
Edu_license_users [no description available]
EFC_Externals Engineering Faculty Council - Externals
Eng-ace-users [no description available]
Eng_all_1a_and_1b 1A and 1B students in Eng
Eng_first_year 1A and 1B students in Eng (except syde and VPA)
Eng_fourth_year 4A and 4B students in Engineering (Non-Arch)
Eng_graduates Graduate students in Engineering, updated daily
Eng_learn_users [no description available]
Eng_ugrad_1b [no description available]
Eng_ugrad_off All Engineering Students off campus, updated daily
Eng_ugrad_on All Engineering Students on campus, updated daily
Eng_ugrad_on_no4b All Engineering Students on campus (except 4B), updated daily
Engcomp Mail to the Engineering Computing Department
Engsoc_off_campus All Engineering Students off campus
Engsoc_on_campus All Engineering Students on campus
EPC Engineering Planning Committee
ESQ-Longterm [no description available]
Faculty_all_eng All faculty in Engineering
Faculty_eng_enews Eng-E-News to Faculty
GH-WG [no description available]
Itop [no description available]
Mmsc_online [no description available]
Nanotechnology_graduate_students [no description available]
Non_regular_appointments [no description available]
Pocketnexus [no description available]
Post_doctoral_fellow [no description available]
Staff_all_eng All staff in Engineering
Staff_eng_enews Eng-E-News to Staff
Students_off_campus All Engineering Students off campus, updated once per term
Students_on_campus All Engineering Students on campus, updated once per term
Syde-all Systems Design All Members
Syde-faculty Systems Design Faculty Members
Syde-staff Systems Design Staff Members
uw-band a mailing list for the UW Warriors Band
VIP-All VIP All users
VIP-Lab VIP UW users
WARG_Members Waterloo Aerial Robotics Group
WatSign Watsign Mail List
We-connect_high-school [no description available]
Weconnect-announcement [no description available]
Weconnect-elementary [no description available]
Win_nanofellows [no description available]
WNAG Waterloo Nexus Advisory Group

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